april 11, 2016
R.K.Kerk overschie

Painting of the inside of a Roman Catholic church in Overschie

Paintings of Gyula Rajkovics

mei 21, 2009

The painter Gyula Rajkovics has just arrived at planet earth.

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Benedictus XVI (19 April 2005 – 28 Februari 2013, Bishop of Rome)

Beatrix Queen of the Netherlands (30 April 1980 – 30 April 2013)
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Gyula Rajkovics painting a portret of her majesty Queen Beatrix with music of Frederic Chopin.

Portrait of Willem Alexander prince of the Netherlands

The famous singer Lee Towers (the dutch Sinatra)

Picturesque sight in Overschie with “Petrus Banden” church.

Three city-officials with Gyula Rajkovics showing “Overschie-painting.”

celebrating “Queen Elizabeth Daimond Jubilee” 2012 A.D.

click on these words for: Phil Taylor 16x worldchampion of darts

Adrian Lewis; two times world champion Darts.

Raymond van Barneveld Champion of darts.

Michael van Gerwen winner of the champion league darts 2013

In memoriam “Whitney Houston” (Newark 9-8-1969 Beverly Hills 11-2-2012)
“I will always love you….”

“Nincs vilagbéke Magyarország szabadsága nélkül”
Nagy Imre emlékére

There is no peace throughout the world without freedom in Hungary. In Memoriam Imre Nagy

Tenzin Giatso The 14th Dalai Lama Winner of the Nobelprice for Peace 1989

iN memoriam Freddie Mercury 5-09-1946 24-11-1991 (We are the champions)

Cruise-ship ss.Rotterdam (acryl)

Cruise-ship ss.Rotterdam (Oil) close to stormy weather.

40’st jubilee of windmill “The Speelman”/ “The Hoop” (Rotterdam)

Mevlana Moskee Rotterdam

Circus Renz Berlin in Overschie.

Worldfamous “circus krone” visited Rotterdam (Mullerpier) in 1995.

In tribute to Amy Winehouse 14-09-1983 23-07-2011

Creative industry “VAN NELLE fabriek” Rotterdam

“Euromast” The symbole of Rotterdam

Harboursite Rotterdam with Euromast.

Ships along the river Maas Rotterdam

Sail Amsterdam 2005

90×75 Dreamcar Koenigsegg Acrylpainting by Gyula Rajkovics.

Ferrari 60×80 acryl by Gyula Rajkovics

Ferrari 60×80 acryl by Gyula Rajkovics

Artist at work.

Aung san suu kyi … Winner of the nobelprize for peace 1991

Lady Gaga Glorious art icon.

World famous Lady Gaga in her meatdress.

World Cruiser “ss Rotterdam” in a World City Rotterdam.

Gyula painted old dutch citysights.

Steam carriage (1802)

Steamtrain waiting for a load.

Steam licomotive in locomotion

Stephenson’s locomotion.

Montevideo and Hotel New York Rotterdam

Rotterdam Harbour days 2010

Delfshavens “Place du Tertre” sight.

New Overschie

Old Overschie

Schiechanel with view on the village.

Picturesque view along the “Schie”chanel.

The director of the “Rijksmuseum” (Amsterdam) Wim Pijbes opens the worlds first “Green museum” in park 16Hoven (Rotterdam). To celebrate this event the painter Gyula Rajkovics gave away a painting about the “museumbuilding in green” for a good purpose to save worlds nature.

Ecological disaster in Kolontar (Hungary). This painting of the village Kolontar symbolises the destruction of the most basic things in human life (House-trees-animals- etc.) People are running away from home and try to save essentials of living. This picture remembers us to guard over nature.

(Last man stands)
Vision of a nuclear disaster. Litho made by Gyula Rajkovics in 1976.

The future of our planet is crucial for humanity.
Overschie The future of the planet earth and the destiny of the next generation is in our hands.
More and more countries and scientists do agree that a green nature is the key to the future on earth. Man is not allowed to pile disasters for generations to come and bring unreapairable damage to grounds seas and air. The nuclear dissaster in Japan showed us that it was very close, and people were without direct solution to the problem.
The oil-leak in the golf of Mexico and the bauxietmudslide in Kolontar (Hungary) did atrackt a justified attention of the earthpopulation. People in Overschie are also participating in the green nature. In the recent past Wim Pijbes (director of the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum) opened the worlds first green museum in Overschie. The Rotterdam painter Gyula Rajkovics is someone who likes to paint with a green brush when the subject is nature.
On his weblog he did put a litho with the name ” the last man stand ”
The picture ( made in the Rotterdam artschool in 1978) represents a muscled skelet that survived a nuclear disaster. Gyula made this picture long before the Tsjernobyl tragedy.
When you ask the woried painter for solutions to save nature Gyula likes to vote for generating electric energy on a big scale using the tides of the sea with turbines.
Gyula Rajkovics 11-05-2011

Skyline Budapest

This interpretation of Vincent van Gogh’s world famous painting:
“The Potato-eaters” is made by Gyula Rajkovics to give an impression of the hungry and poor population in Europe and in the world today.

Gorrilla Bokito asks for attention (Blijdorp zoo Rotterdam)

paus Karol Woytila (18-05-1920/2-04-2005)

In memoriam the local priest K.J.Harder (1946-2009)

Another local priest.

The singer Andre Hazes ( I write my own songs….. ) 1951/2004

Frederic Chopin 1810-1849 (composer)

The “scream” of Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007)

Pilgrimfatherschurch in Delfshaven (Rotterdam)



Car boot sales Overschie


mei 7, 2009

Zakkendragershuis Delfshaven.

Cruiseschip s.s.Rotterdam

maart 26, 2009

simply horsepower.

Winning horse in gallop.

Entry of the horse-race-track in Budapest (Kincsem-park) with statue of the famous winning horse Kincsem.

maart 13, 2009


maart 13, 2009

Dakloze …. (the tramp)

maart 13, 2009


maart 13, 2009


maart 13, 2009

Circusclown blowing a horn in the empty piste.

maart 13, 2009

Sparta stadium

Painting of the rotterdam stadium the “kuip” with the signatures of the players and trainers (Mario Been, Ronald Koeman en Giovanni van Bronckhorst) of Feyenoord.

Painter waiting for a goal.

Mario Been (trainer of Feyenoord) signing the stadiumpainting of Gyula Rajkovics.

The team of Feyenoord signing the painting of The eternal “kuip” of Gyula Rajkovics.

Josef Kipric (the magician of Tatabanja) explayer of Feyenoord.


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