Paintings 3

Sandor Petofi poet and hungarian national hero (1823-1849)

And the wall came down!!! (made by Gyula Rajkovics in 1978)…(Symbolising the Berlinwall 1961-1989)

Stairway to the other side…! (made in 1978)…(Symbolising the Berlinwall 1961-1989)

Celebration of the hungarian revolt 1956 in Rotterdam 2011

Ex-dutch minister president J.P.Balkenende looking at the painting of Imre Nagy made by Gyula Rajkovics.

Miklos Toth of the hungarian federation in Holland signing a book about hungarian exiles.

Schilder op SS Rotterdam_Euromast
Rotterdammer met ss.Rotterdam op het dek van de ss.Rotterdam.

Schilder op SS Rotterdam

Two famous painters meeting on a horsetrack in Budapest.
(Paul Breznay and Gyula Rajkovics)